Murray Shield Corrosion Control Module

Murray Shield Rust Protection

Rust not only ruins the appearance and value of your vehicle, it shortens its life and structural integrity. Today's vehicles have many hard to reach places where moisture can collect causing rust formation.Murray Shield Corrosion Control ModuleOur Corrosion Control Module is a breakthrough in the fight against rust. A pulse amplifier microprocessor generates a repetitive pulse surface current, which is distributed to all grounded body panels, and additional areas such as the roof and inseams that conventional products cannot reach.Murray Shield Corrosion Control ModuleWe use a specialized Rust Inhibitor Spray that seals your vehicle's inner body metal surfaces and stops rust perforation from the inside out. The high-pressure spray application ensures that all inner body panels are treated without drilling any holes.Our Guarantee

Undercoat Protection

Canadian roads and weather conditions are tough on your vehicle's under-carriage. Disturbing road noise and vibrations can make a long road trip even longer and more tiring.Murray Shield Undercoat ProtectionOur Undercoat Protection is specially formulated for exposed high impact areas. This pliable product will not crack, peel, or chip. It seals out moisture and protects your under-carriage components from road debris. It also provides insulation from extreme temperatures and reduces disturbing road noise, offering you a quieter more enjoyable ride.Murray Shield Undercoat Protection

Paint Protection

The suns powerful ultraviolet rays will cause your paint to fade. The clear coat finish on your vehicle's painted surface is uneven. Thse peaks and valleys trap dirt, salt, pollutants and moisture which dull the finish, ruin the look of your vehicle and affect it's resale value.Murray Shield Paint ProtectionOur Paint Protection bonds to the surface, completely sealing the paint. It will create a smooth, durable finish that protects your vehicle against the harsh Canadian environment. This long lasting sealant protects and enhances your vehicles clear coat with no requirment for waxing or re-application.Murray Shield Paint Protection

Interior Protection

Murray Shield Fabric ProtectionOur protection is an invisible barrier that ensures easy clean-up of spills to avoid permanent staining. Penetrating each individual fibre to repel moisture and dirt, while the treated fabric remains open and breaths. This high quality environment product will not alter the colour or texture of your fabric or leave a residual odour.Murray Shield Fabric ProtectionMurray Shield Leather / Vinyl ProtectionOur Leather / Vinyl Protection prevents damage to your vehicle's interior. Penetrating conditioners create a barrier that locks in the essential oils and pigments and provides ultraviolet sunscreen while still allowing the leather to breathe. The flat satin finish of a protected dashboard eliminates glare and reduces dust.Murray Shield Leather

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