Window Tinting


Just in time for Summer

    Sun-Gard Automotive Window Tinting has been added to the long list of automotive services that Murray GM has to offer. With Murray GM and Sun-Gard, enhance your vehicles look and comfort with durable, state-of-the-art solar protection. Find the right shade for you and your vehicle with a variety of Sun-Gard films. 
 Increase Comfort

    Greatly reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle and, once on the road, allow it to cool more rapidly with window tint. Sun-Gard films make it possible by rejecting up to 67% of the sun's heat, ensuring that you are only in the sun when you want to be. This same film also blocks up to 99% of invisible ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun - the principal cause of skin related health issues. 

Enhance Vehicle Appearance

    Window tinting enhances the look of each and every vehicle inside, and out. Especially important for vehicles exposed to hours of sunlight, the UV radiation screening capabilities of Sun-Gard films also significantly delay fading of interior plastics and fabrics. A vehicle with professionally installed Sun-Gard film provides the finishing touch to your new car and simply looks better. Each of our available Sun-Gard films is designed to improve the look, and preserve it as well, to one of your biggest investments.